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Spiral System - Be
Released summer 2013

Full of sweet tunes for the summer, Spiral System released their second album Be which blends dreamy downtempo, latin, vocals and dub into a delicious audio cocktail. Lottie Child sings on three of the tracks; More Life, Be and Her Dream. Also contributing are Stephen and Ivan Hussey from the Urban Soul Orchestra with next level strings and Rowland Sutherland with some inspired flute playing.

Supporting the album release are 2 ep's - More Life remixes featuring Lottie and Be Sides with four tracks of alternate mixes.

Spiral System - Be

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Spiral System is London duo Joe Crisp and Cliff Ovenden with Lottie Child guesting on vocals. Joe and Cliff met while recording at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios and have worked as a producer / composer team for many years. They first heard Lottie singing bossanova in a London venue and got together to write material that became tracks on the debut Spiral System album 'In Your Dreams' which was released on Interchill’s sister label Macro.

Joe and Cliff also run the London based music production company Spiral Music which provides original music for media worldwide. They’ve placed music for Adidas, Nike, Google, BBC, Sony, KFC, Moneysupermarket, Strongbow, FrenchConnection, Geox, Puma, Honda, Rimmell, Pringles, Fairy, EAsports, and Doc Martens.

Spiral System


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